Guangzhou SOHO Industry Co., Ltd.The company was established in 2007 with its headquarters office in Guangzhou. In 2015, it invested and built a factory in Ethiopia, Africa. It is currently building a 40,000-square-meter AMAZ industrial park with its own brand. It has long-term cooperation with famous manufacturers such as TCL, Hisense, ASANO Electronics, and Temeisheng.

Guangzhou SOHO Industry Co., Ltd.is an export-oriented enterprise integrating design,research and development,and trade.It has focused on speaker products for 21 years.It has a professional sales, supply  chain,engineering development,QA/QC testing and after-sales service team.It invested and built a factory in Ethiopia,Africa in 2015.Currently a 40,000-square-meter AMAZ industrial park is under construction.Our advantages:With 21 years of foreign trade experience,The company has dozens of professional sales  elites,who have ability to provide our customers with safe,professional and efficient services.And we have a professional supply management team,who has strict controls of the materials,cost,and delivery management.

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